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Kwik Cash Line of Credit

Do you occasionally need quick access to cash? Our Kwik Cash loan is a revolving credit line, usually up to about $5,000. Once approved, you can draw from your Kwik Cash line of credit as needed in online and mobile banking, or with a teller. It is simple, convenient, and, yes, KWIK!

Payment: Your minimum monthly payment is based on the balance after your last advance. It is calculated at $4 per $100 borrowed, with a $15 minimum. For example, if you take an advance of $500 and it brings your balance to $2,000, your payment will be $80 per month ($2,000/$100 x $4).

Interest: The interest on your KWIK Cash Loan is a variable rate. The rate is indexed to the Prime Rate as published in The Wall Street Journal on the last day of each month, plus an 8.50% Margin.

Ready To Join Our Credit Union?

  • Love how welcomed everyone makes you feel when you walk into the credit union and always so helpful!! Would not bank anywhere else!!
    Patricia G.
  • County city is an awesome credit union unlike anywhere else I have ever banked, they have actually come out to my house to do loan paperwork due to my work schedule. Now that is love.
    Doug H.
  • The staff at CCCU go above & beyond! Customer service is excellent & everyone is so knowledgeable & friendly. I've been with County City for over 20 years & I've honestly never had a bad experience! Thank you so much CCCU!
    Alicia F.
  • So glad I put my money with County City CU when I moved to town. The staff is super friendly and helpful (unlike the sullen people at the banks in town). They have the financial products that I need, with online service and a convenient location. LOVE my credit union!
    Patty H.
  • Growing up my dad always told me to put my money in a place that knows you and remembers you! I have been a member for quite a few years now and I still smile every time I drive up and they say, Good morning. Donna! They never hesitate to ask If I need anything! That to me speaks volumes! Thank you, County City credit Union! You are all simply the best!
    Donna A.
  • After being in banking for over 16 years and customer service for a lifetime, I am very impressed with your staff. Always friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, and available to help members. Sadly, not all places are as respectful of our time and needs. Thank-you for raising the bar!
    Kathleen K.

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