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Home Loans

Home Loans

Learn more about the types of home loans we offer below, then Visit County-City Credit Union’s Mortgage Website where you can apply online, get pre-qualified, view current rates, find calculators to determine how much you can afford and learn all you need to know about mortgages and the mortgage process.


We offer fixed rate and adjustable rate mortgages with competitive rates and terms. We have helped many of our members design home loans to fit their unique situations, and will do our very best to come up with the perfect mortgage for you too.

Home Equity Loans

Use the equity in your home to get a loan at a very competitive rate, with interest that is usually tax deductible (see tax professional to determine deductibility). We can typically lend up to 90% of the value of your home less the outstanding balance of your first mortgage.  Traditional home equity loans are done for a specific term and payment. As you pay down the loan, you cannot re-borrow the funds.

Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

A Home Equity Line of Credit is an open-end revolving loan. A credit limit is established and you can borrow as you need money up to that limit. When you pay down, or pay off, the loan you can re-borrow the funds.

The following information will be needed to expedite the processing of your Home Equity or HELOC Loan application:

  • A copy of your Warranty Deed, Title Insurance or Property Tax Bill
  • A copy of your Homeowner’s Insurance
  • A copy of a recent pay stub for each applicant

Costs to you for completing a Home Equity Loan are generally minimal.

Please allow approximately two weeks for closure of the home equity loan, due to Federal regulations.

Construction Loans

We are pleased to offer loans to help you construct your dream home. We typically do two loans: one to build your home, and then one for the long-term financing. During construction you will only be required to make monthly payments covering the interest that accrues on the amount ‘drawn’ to date.

A typical construction period is about six months. Usually, five draws completes the home. A local title company is used as the escrow agent for disbursement of the construction loan. Your down payment is placed into a construction savings account and is distributed first.

It is very important to secure your financing BEFORE you break ground. Because of the potential for Mechanic’s Liens, many lenders, including us, will shy away from a construction project that has already begun.

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  • Love how welcomed everyone makes you feel when you walk into the credit union and always so helpful!! Would not bank anywhere else!!
    Patricia G.
  • County city is an awesome credit union unlike anywhere else I have ever banked, they have actually come out to my house to do loan paperwork due to my work schedule. Now that is love.
    Doug H.
  • The staff at CCCU go above & beyond! Customer service is excellent & everyone is so knowledgeable & friendly. I've been with County City for over 20 years & I've honestly never had a bad experience! Thank you so much CCCU!
    Alicia F.
  • So glad I put my money with County City CU when I moved to town. The staff is super friendly and helpful (unlike the sullen people at the banks in town). They have the financial products that I need, with online service and a convenient location. LOVE my credit union!
    Patty H.
  • Growing up my dad always told me to put my money in a place that knows you and remembers you! I have been a member for quite a few years now and I still smile every time I drive up and they say, Good morning. Donna! They never hesitate to ask If I need anything! That to me speaks volumes! Thank you, County City credit Union! You are all simply the best!
    Donna A.
  • After being in banking for over 16 years and customer service for a lifetime, I am very impressed with your staff. Always friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, and available to help members. Sadly, not all places are as respectful of our time and needs. Thank-you for raising the bar!
    Kathleen K.

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