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County-City Credit Union created our VISA Platinum Credit Card with our members in mind; with no annual fee, no balance transfer fees, and some of the lowest rates in the market. (See benefits below)

Our VISA Platinum Credit Card program now includes 1% cash back on all purchases! 

Remember, we NEVER CHARGE BALANCE TRANSFER FEES at County-City Credit Union, because we are not a bank… We’re better!

VISA Platinum Credit Card Benefits
  • No annual fee
  • No balance transfer fees
  • Low variable rate
  • No over-the-limit fee
  • Free online account management via online and mobile banking
  • Ability to make same-day payments at County-City Credit Union
  • Ability to withdraw up to $300 cash per day at an ATM
Daily Card Limits
  • Cash Advance limit: $1,000 (or your credit limit whichever is lower) This applies to credit card checks as well.
  • Number of transactions per day: Nine (9)
  • Total Dollar Limit per day: $2,000
  • ATM Cash withdrawal per day: $ 310

If these limits are not convenient for you please contact us, so that we discuss your situation. If, for example, you are going shopping for an item that will exceed the $2,000 daily limit please contact us in advance and we can increase your limit temporarily to accommodate you.

Controlling the risk of unauthorized use is a team effort. With your help and these limits we hope to greatly reduce the risk of loss to fraud for you and our credit union. Thank you for your understanding and your support in this effort to protect our credit union.

Tips for safely using your VISA Platinum Credit Card
  • Keep your card under your control at all times. (Unfortunately, this means even at home. We have had family members use a card without authorization.)
  • Review your statements every month (or sooner) and alert us immediately to any unauthorized transactions. It is important to notify us right away at 920-674-5542 or call this number after hours: 800-754-4128.
  • Do not give your card number or personal information to anyone when YOU have not originated the phone call. (We will never call and ask you for this information because we already have it.)
  • When you charge online make sure it is a secure and reputable web site. Be careful that a ‘pop up window’ does not redirect you to another site.
  • If you lose your card please call us immediately. It is important to notify us right away at 920-674-5542 or call this number after hours: 800-754-4128.

Ready To Join Our Credit Union?

  • Love how welcomed everyone makes you feel when you walk into the credit union and always so helpful!! Would not bank anywhere else!!
    Patricia G.
  • County city is an awesome credit union unlike anywhere else I have ever banked, they have actually come out to my house to do loan paperwork due to my work schedule. Now that is love.
    Doug H.
  • The staff at CCCU go above & beyond! Customer service is excellent & everyone is so knowledgeable & friendly. I've been with County City for over 20 years & I've honestly never had a bad experience! Thank you so much CCCU!
    Alicia F.
  • So glad I put my money with County City CU when I moved to town. The staff is super friendly and helpful (unlike the sullen people at the banks in town). They have the financial products that I need, with online service and a convenient location. LOVE my credit union!
    Patty H.
  • Growing up my dad always told me to put my money in a place that knows you and remembers you! I have been a member for quite a few years now and I still smile every time I drive up and they say, Good morning. Donna! They never hesitate to ask If I need anything! That to me speaks volumes! Thank you, County City credit Union! You are all simply the best!
    Donna A.
  • After being in banking for over 16 years and customer service for a lifetime, I am very impressed with your staff. Always friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, and available to help members. Sadly, not all places are as respectful of our time and needs. Thank-you for raising the bar!
    Kathleen K.

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