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CCCU is upgrading to a new computer system on July 1, 2019. The new system will bring some exciting enhancements to our members, such as the option to deposit checks by photo, transfer funds from external accounts, and take advantage of greater e-sign capabilities.

Checklist to prepare for CCCU system update. Mark Calendar! CCCU will be closed SAturday, June 29th. Read the important upgrade details below. Print or save e-statements and transaction activity prior to the close of business on June 28th. Have necessary cash, checks and cards on hand to get through the weekend from June 29th - June 30th.


CCCU WILL BE CLOSED SATURDAY, JUNE 29, 2019: We need to close down for a day to convert all your accounts, products and services to the new computer system and to verify their accuracy. Please plan ahead to have cash, checks, a debit card, and/or a credit card available to get you through the weekend! We will reopen at normal time on Monday, July 1st.

ACCOUNT NUMBERS: No changes will be made to your current membership and checking account numbers, so you will not need new checks. Some minor changes may be made behind the scenes to a few of the three-digit “suffix” numbers we use to identify each unique account type, but it should have minimal impact on our members.

CREDIT CARDS: Credit cards will not be affected by the upgrade.

DEBIT CARDS: Daily debit card transaction limits will be lowered to $500 for purchases and $200 for cash withdrawals from 2:00 p.m. on June 28th through July 1st. Please note that around 2:00 p.m. on June 28th there will be a brief span of about 15 minutes when debit card transactions may be declined.

DIRECT DEPOSITS: Your electronic deposit may be delayed a few hours the first morning it comes in after the upgrade. We will transfer your existing direct deposit instructions and distributions over for you. Please note the posting order and the way distributions appear on your account may be slightly different.

E-STATEMENTS: Paper statements will be mailed to ALL members at the end of June (including those members who had previously opted to receive e-statements). E-statements will resume beginning with July statements for all members who had previously opted to receive them.

ONLINE & MOBILE BANKING:  New online and mobile banking systems will offer enhanced services! Members can begin enrolling in the new online banking system from our website on Monday, July 1st. Mobile banking is anticipated to be available a couple days later once Apple and Android publish the updates. Logins and passwords will not transfer, but easy to follow enrollment instructions will be available on our website. If you want multiple memberships to appear under one login (ex: The membership you are logging into plus other accounts you are joint on), you will need to contact the credit union for assistance linking the accounts. Unfortunately, e-statements and transaction activity that occurred prior to July 1st will not transfer to the new online and mobile banking systems. Please export any records or statements you need prior to the close of business on June 28th.

PHONE CALLS TEMPORARILY ROUTED TO CALL CENTER: In anticipation of higher than usual call volumes, incoming calls will temporarily be routed to a call center. Call center staff will help our members with basic inquiries, transactions, and online banking enrollment. Credit union employees will return calls to any members the call center staff could not assist. Please be patient as we work through the influx of calls during the first couple weeks of July, and anticipate slower than usual response times. The phone number for the call center is 844-730-6852.

AND MORE TO COME… We are continuing to learn more about the new computer system each day, so there are certain to be additional changes in store. While we know it can be challenging to adapt to change, we are excited about the future potential the new system will have to offer. Thank you for joining us on this journey!

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