Tools & Calculators

Consumer Loan Calculator

Explore your consumer loan, including the effect adjusting the number of payments, principal and interest rate will have on your monthly payment with this tool from J.D. Power.  Consumer Loan Calculator

Mortgage Loan Calculator

Use the mortgage loan calculators on County-City Credit Union’s mortgage website to compare the monthly payments and finance charges associated with several different fixed and adjustable rate mortgage options.  Mortgage Loan Calculator

Share Insurance Calculator

Calculate your coverage under the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund using this calculator from the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).  You can use this tool to determine how to structure your accounts to receive greater coverage than the standard $250,00 NCUA share insurance maximum.  Share Insurance Calculator

Savings & Retirement Calculator

This Retirement Estimator from the Social Security Administration can provide estimates based on your actual Social Security earnings record.  Savings & Retirement Calculator

Personal Budgeting Worksheet

Take a close look at your income and expenses with this helpful worksheet from Kiplinger, which can help you identify where you might have room to save.  Personal Budgeting Worksheet