Online and Mobile Banking Tips and Information

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Online Banking Enrollment
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Online Banking Enrollment – Handle many of your banking needs from the comfort of you home and get access to services available exclusively through online banking.

  • To enroll, call us at 920-674-5542 so that we can open up your account to online banking and give you your temporary username and password.
  • Then go to our website at and under “Online Banking” enter your temporary username and password, then click “Login”.
  • Create a New Password and type it into each New Password field, then click “Change My Password.” Passwords must be at least 8 characters long, and contain at least three of the following: lowercase letter, uppercase letter, number, and/or special character.
  • Answer Three Unique Security Questions, and click “Save My Questions.” Security question answers are not case sensitive.
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions of Use (scroll to the bottom to accept).
  • Create a New Username, and click “Change My Username.” Usernames cannot contain your account number, first name and/or last name; and must be less than 22 characters.
  • Done! You will use the username and password you just created from now on to log into both online and mobile banking.

eStatements – An electronic version of your monthly or quarterly credit union statement. You can access them at any time through online banking, and even print them out on your own printer, from the security of your home.

eAlert Subscriptions – Create your own custom account alerts

  • Get alerts via email or text message
  • Types of eAlerts:
    • Loan payment reminders
    • Transaction notifications
    • Account balance updates
    • ACH deposit and withdrawal notifications

Update Contact Information – Easily update your address, phone number, email, and code word from within online banking.

  1. Log into Online Banking
  2. Click “Info Center”
  3. Click “Personal Information”
  4. Click “Edit My Information”
  5. Enter your new information and click “Update My Information”

It is critical that you keep your personal contact information up to date with CCCU for multiple reasons such as:

  • Security – At CCCU we keep a close eye on any potential fraud on our members’ accounts. When a transaction is suspected to be fraudulent, we block any further transactions from posting to the account then follow up with you via phone to determine if fraud has occurred. If we do not have your current phone number, you may experience the inconvenience of having your account blocked without knowing why, as well as being unaware of potential identity thief.
  • Important Notices – During events such as an emergency, system maintenance, or changes to our policies, hours, or fees, CCCU will notify members either by mail or email. Make sure we have your current address and email so you can get these important updates.
  • Avoiding Fees – At CCCU, we send various things to our members through the mail including monthly statements, new debit/credit cards, check orders, and important account notices. If we do not have your current address on file, not only will you not get your items in the mail, but your account will be charged a bad address fee from the post office every time a piece of mail gets returned.

Mobile Text Banking – Get account alerts sent directly to your phone without the login hassle

  • Get critical notices about your accounts fast and more securely
  • Get your current account balance texted to you by using text banking commands to text 46247
  • Use with eAlert Subscriptions to have custom alerts sent to your phone

Enrollment Instructions

Text Commands

Mobile Check Deposit – A more convenient way to deposit

  • Deposit your checks anytime from anywhere using just your phone
  • Great for members who:
    • Live far away
    • Don’t drive
    • Don’t have direct deposit
    • Work late
    • Want to save time
  • Just follow our simple instructions in the app to sign, photograph, and submit your deposit

Enrollment Instructions

Submitting a Mobile Deposit

View Multiple Memberships – Have more than one membership at CCCU? View them all without having to log into each one individually by using our Switch Memberships feature.