Loan Rates

County-City Credit Union offers loan rates based on credit scores to help as many members obtain credit as possible.  Members with excellent credit receive our best rates, but we are also able to help individuals with less-than-perfect credit secure financing by charging slightly higher interest rates to offset the additional risk.

Our goal is to help you obtain the credit you need and, if applicable, to help you improve your credit worthiness.  As a not-for-profit financial cooperative we are here to help you.


Members can receive the following loyalty discounts on Personal and Secured Loans:
Check Mark Image   Subtract 0.25% with an active CCCU Checking Account in good standing.
Check Mark Image   Subtract 0.25% for setting up automatic loan payments with CCCU.


Loan Type APR* as low as: Payment Information
 Personal Loans
    > $1,500 36 months 7.25% 1  Monthly Payment of $30.99 for $1,000
    < $1,500 24 months 9.25% 1  Monthly Payment of $45.80 for $1,000
Secured Consumer Loans
   36 Months 3.75% 1 Monthly Payment of $29.41 for $1,000
   48 Months 4.00% 1 Monthly Payment of $22.58 for $1,000
   60 Months 4.25% 1 Monthly Payment of $18.53 for $1,000
   72 Months 4.50% 2 Monthly Payment of $15.87 for $1,000
Visa Platinum Credit Cards 10.49% 3 Minimum Monthly Payment of $30
Kwik Cash Loans 14.00% 4 Greater of $15 or $4 per $100 of Balance
Home Equity Loans  Click to view Current Rates on our Mortgage Website
Home Equity Lines of Credit 5.50% 5 Greater of $25 or $1.25 for each $100 borrowed
Mortgages  Click to view Current Rates on our Mortgage Website

All rates apply to ‘new’ money only.  Watch for ‘loan specials’ on our home page.  Rates are subject to change at any time.  Rate loyalty discounts do not apply to special promotions, credit cards, kwik cash loans, Home Equity, or Mortgage loans.  County-City Credit Union reports all loan activity monthly to consumer reporting agencies.

Footnote Disclosures:

* APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate
¹ Rate is based on your credit score and term.
² Rate is based on credit score and term. 72 month term available for 2009 or newer vehicles.
³ Rate is variable based on prime rate, plus a margin based on credit score, and can change every quarter.  Effective 01-22-19, rate range = 10.49% – 13.49% APR.
⁴ Rate is variable based on prime rate plus 8.50%. The rate can change on the first day of every quarter.  Rate effective 10-01-18 = 13.75% APR.  Rate effective 01-01-19 = 14.00% APR.
⁵ Rate is variable tied to prime rate. The rate can change on the first day of every month.  Rate effective 10-01-18 = 5.25% APR.  Rate effective 01-01-19 = 5.50% APR.