Kwik Cash Loans

Do you need really KWIK cash, but prefer not to use a credit card?  Our Kwik Cash loan program is a revolving credit line, usually up to about $5,000. Once your KWIK Cash Loan is approved, you can see any one of our tellers to get an advance on your line of credit.  It is simple, convenient, and, yes, KWIK!

Payment: Your minimum monthly payment is based on the balance after your last advance. It is calculated at $4 per $100 borrowed, with a $15 minimum. For example, if you take an advance of $500 and it brings your balance to $2,000, your payment will be $80 per month ($2,000 / $100 x $4).

Interest: The interest on your KWIK Cash Loan is a variable rate. The rate is indexed to the Prime Rate as published in The Wall Street Journal on the last day of each month, plus an 8.50% Margin.

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