Kwik Cash Line of Credit

Do you occasionally need quick access to cash?  Our Kwik Cash loan is a revolving credit line, usually up to about $5,000. Once approved, you can draw from your Kwik Cash line of credit as needed in online and mobile banking, or with a teller.  It is simple, convenient, and, yes, KWIK!

Payment: Your minimum monthly payment is based on the balance after your last advance. It is calculated at $4 per $100 borrowed, with a $15 minimum. For example, if you take an advance of $500 and it brings your balance to $2,000, your payment will be $80 per month ($2,000 / $100 x $4).

Interest: The interest on your KWIK Cash Loan is a variable rate. The rate is indexed to the Prime Rate as published in The Wall Street Journal on the last day of each month, plus an 8.50% Margin.

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