Our Story

In early 1963, John Copeland, a CPA and former city clerk, approached David E. Hans at the Jefferson county highway department about forming a credit union.

John and David talked with city and county employees about saving and borrowing to help one another. Everyone felt it was a great idea, so the credit union began serving county and city employees. It was named the County City Employees Credit Union. The credit union began when David made the first deposit of $5.00 on July 3, 1963. David was elected President, Fred Gehler, Vice President, John Copeland, Secretary-Treasurer, with Ruth Hackbart, Ed Klockow and Floyd Burhans serving as Directors.

In 1984 the credit union became a community credit union, so the name was changed to County-City Credit Union.

Our success today would not have been possible without the countless hours many volunteers have given, and still give, to our organization. A special thank-you goes out to all of these people. Their efforts have produced an organization that helps their fellow members every day by providing a friendlier and more understanding alternative to profit driven banks. County City Credit Union also makes a significant contribution to the local economy.

We are member owned and controlled. This means that every member has an equal vote now, just like they did in 1963.