Various secret shopper, work at home, and internet purchase scams are mailing counterfeit cashier’s checks which appear to be drawn on County-City Credit Union.

If you receive a cashier’s check that is missing our phone and website information (appears under our logo and address on a real cashier’s check), it is definitely counterfeit.  Report it to your local law enforcement agency, along with all related correspondence and/or contact information for the perpetrator.

If our phone and website information is printed on the check, please call us at (920) 674-5542 for verification.  We can easily identify the counterfeit checks, because they are typically printed on the wrong color paper, have a check number we have never issued, and are signed by an unauthorized individual.

Please note if you cash or negotiate a fraudulent check, you would be responsible for repaying your financial institution. To prevent personal financial loss, do not negotiate the check, transfer funds to the sender, or provide the sender with your identifying information.

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